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Design Services

Thinking about how to design your commercial technology solutions throughout your building can be an overwhelming task. This is why Lanier Electronics Group offers a variety of design services to help you build out the electronics design of any building, regardless of the industry. We help with network management systems, network environment assessment, infrastructure design, network design, and wireless design and strategy. If your space needs help with any type of technological design services in your building, Lanier is ready to help you today.

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Infrastructure, Network, and Wireless Design Options

At Lanier, we offer a variety of electronics design services. Here are a few of the main ones we provide:

  • Network Management Systems: A high-quality management system makes all the difference in your building’s network optimization, application performance, reliability and operations productivity. A good management system equals an efficient business!
  • Network Environment Assessment: One of our technicians will come to your site and review the health of your network, including its underlying infrastructure. Then they’ll create a solutions road map to meet and exceed your business needs by using data gathered from your site.
  • Infrastructure Design: One of our team members will come to review your physical space and assess it for the best placement of equipment racks, power, cooling and wire runs required in your building.
  • Network Design: We can help you upgrade your existing network to build a solid network solution from the ground up. We can provide IoT/WAN/LAN/WLAN solutions for your campus, remote office, data center and more.
  • Wireless Design and Strategy: We can help determine what type of wireless infrastructure your building needs based on your budget and scale. A strong wireless network equals increased agility, efficiency, flexibility, security and network control!

At Lanier Electronics Group, we provide top-notch service and effective account management to ensure repeat clients.  Our team of electricians are honest, reliable and always transparent about pricing. We are dedicated to helping our local community, making sure each client  gets the best electronics solutions possible. We look forward to working with your building today!

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