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Cabling Consultancy

We know that starting a new cabling project can be confusing and overwhelming. There are a lot of factors that aren’t always obvious to consider when designing a cabling system – how your site is laid out, how to meet all of your technological requirements, and more. You want to make sure that your commercial space has the best technology capabilities possible, but are a bit unsure about what’s the first step in that process. This is why Lanier Electronics Group provides comprehensive cabling consultancy services that allow one of our expert technicians to assess your site and come up with a cabling plan that’s best for you.

Take the first step toward your new data cabling system with Lanier Electronics Group. Contact us now to get started.

The Cabling Consultancy Process

Your goal of high-quality structured cabling solutions begins with one of Lanier’s professional team members coming to your site and surveying it for cabling optimization. We’re focused on listening to you and your site’s electronic requirements, and from there advising you on the best cabling solution for maximum reliability and effectiveness. We take careful consideration of your building’s infrastructure and architecture when building your cabling layout and are always available for questions or further consultations you may need. Once your system is completely installed, our team is always ready for any maintenance, repairs, or troubleshooting you may need.

Lanier Electronics Group takes pride in delivering consistent superior service. We’ve been serving our local Prince George’s community for over 25 years and we growing to better meet the needs of our customers.  Our diverse team of technicians is experienced in all aspects of electronics consultancy, design, installation, and much more. It doesn’t matter if you are building an educational, medical, utilities or anything else, we look forward to working with you today!

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